Creative Ideas for Displaying Collectibles

At Best Dressed Windows in Town, creativity runs in the family. Owner Michele Erceg offers these tips to display collectibles as a unique window treatment. My father has used his carpentry skills over the years to craft marvelous wooden birdhouses ( I’ve got quite a collection of them and have developed a special way to display them above a window.

What do you collect that deserves a special display area? You don’t always need a display or curio cabinet to enjoy your collection. Whether you have ceramic plates, antique kitchen tools or other collectibles, they may be able to be displayed as a window treatment. Let me put my unconventional creativity to work for you!

With my help, displaying your collection is as simple as 1-2-3

1. Identify your collection.




2. On your windows mount a pole, a series of hooks or a cornice shelf.


3. Now just add the pieces of your collection and voila!

Your collection is now your own unique window treatment.


What do you collect that deserves a special display area?

We can create an unconventional window treatment that is uniquely your own!

A small collection can be given room to expand. This modest collection has now grown to include 25 items hung over 3 windows.

Four pieces of porcelain on a low window cornice leave surrounding room for the collection to grow.

This birdhouse collection was on a white wooden pole. How nice to still see the trees through the transome window.